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Top ten reasons why you should join Upper Natoma Rowing Club:

1.In the program's first season (2010-2011), four boats qualified for Nationals and won medals at the Southwest Junior Regional Championships. In the 2011-2012 season, three UNRC boats won medals at the Southwest Junior Regional Championships and two boats went on to earn silver and bronze medals at Nationals.

2.  UNRC was the first Sacramento-based rowing club to qualify a women's varsity 8+ for Nationals, which placed ninth in the nation. 

3.  We have dedicated, hardworking and successful coaches and staff

4.  You will train and row on Lake Natoma, a world class rowing venue

5.  You will learn to work as part of a team as you all strive for success

6.  You will become mentally and physically fit

7.  You will learn discipline, time management and other life lessons

8.  You will learn unique skills, including how to rig and derig a rowing shell

9.  You will learn the art of rowing

10. You will have fun and make new friends

About Us

Upper Natoma Rowing Club (UNRC) was established to meet the need for a competitive high school rowing program in the Folsom, Sacramento and surrounding areas.

UNRC competes in the Southwestern Conference. Our coaching staff has established UNRC as a Southwestern powerhouse.  In its first season, UNRC qualified and medaled four boats at the Southwest Junior Regional Championships. We were the first Sacramento-based rowing club to qualify and send a women's varsity 8+ to the National Championships 
Our coaches and staff provide a positive rowing experience for our athletes and teach useful life lessons including hard work, dedication, sacrifice, teamwork, time
management and excellence.


by Chris Manibusan

Rowing is a sport of trust. It requires you to trust in your training, teammates and coaches. 

Doubt, hesitation, and fear can fracture that trust and cause hopes of victory to slip away.  At the moment when the pain sets in, and it will, you must trust that you have been properly prepared for what you and your team want to achieve. Trust that the person in front of you and the person behind you are giving it their all.

Know that victories aren't a certainty.  Nor is there any "luck" involved in winning. Victories are earned.  They are earned with every ounce of sweat, drop of blood, lunge, hill, erg, mile, day, hour, minute, and second that you work.

This is what rowing is about. It is THIS hard work that separates victory from defeat.  It is what separates us from them.  It is the difference between being ahead or behind when the flag drops. The question is where do you want to be?


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